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Looking After You and Your Legacy.
Trust. Confidence. Protection.

At Rajah & Tann, we are dedicated to supporting and helping you to manage, protect and grow your wealth and investments every step of the way. You can place your confidence in us as we see ourselves as your trusted advisers, looking to build strong relationships with you and your future generations. We are well-equipped to deal with the sophisticated issues that you and your family may face, and we remain dedicated to delivering tailored solutions to meet every specific need.

Our team is based in Singapore, which is strategically located in the heart of Asia and one of Asia’s leading wealth management hubs, with a stable government and robust legal and regulatory infrastructure. The country’s tax and trust laws provide for confidentiality, flexibility and protection of assets of high net worth individuals and families. With a deep understanding of these local laws, coupled with an international perspective, we have built a strong reputation in helping our private clients, many of whom are on Forbes lists across the world, make critical decisions to implement their wealth and succession planning objectives.

Our team of legal experts adopt a comprehensive approach to help you manage, protect and grow your wealth and investments, and we will remain close to assist you and your family through the various phases of your life from wealth accumulation to wealth maintenance and finally to wealth distribution. Whether your goal is tax efficiency, philanthropy, asset protection or the smooth transfer of wealth to the next generation, we are here to guide you through the process to realise these goals. Should a dispute arise, whether it relates to a trust, estate or will or a broader family or commercial disagreement, we recognise that going to court is not always the answer. Our industry leading dispute lawyers, including a bench of 7 Senior Counsel will be accessible to give you clear and dispassionate advice on your options. 

Our focus remains and will always be to provide the highest levels of bespoke services to our most discerning client base.

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Here for you and your future generations

Our Expertise
  1. Tax, Trusts and Estate Wealth Planning and Structuring - We can assist you to put in place cohesive and comprehensive frameworks to help you hold your assets and manage them in the most effective way

    We have experience in novel, complicated cross-border estate planning and structuring, which typically involves tax implications on sophisticated trust structures.

  2. Business Succession Planning - We can assist to structure your wealth so that your estate is protected now and, in the future, while introducing sufficient flexibility to address changing circumstances or unexpected turns of events. This includes all aspects of structuring and restructuring of your family’s closely held businesses.
  3. Family Office Set Up, Funds and Investment Management and Governance - We have deep expertise in the setting up of both single and multi-family offices and can help you navigate tax implications of your assets in various jurisdictions and ensure compliance with both international and local tax laws. 

    We also provide targeted investment advice including the structuring, formation and ongoing counsel of investment funds.

  4. Wills and Probate - Leveraging on our deep expertise in estate and trust planning, we will advise you on succession issues and represent families, executors, administrators, trustees and/or beneficiaries in both contentious and non-contentious probate, trust and estate matters.

  5. Insurance Products - Whether you want to leave a legacy to your family for generations to come, assure the continuation of a business you have built or make a significant impact through philanthropy, life insurance policies when used strategically, can help you address these goals.

    We have a wealth of experience to advise you in selecting the appropriate insurance products to maximise your wealth and pass it on to the people or causes that are important to you with less risk and the potential for greater tax efficiency.

  6. Philanthropy and Charitable Giving – We can help you maximise tax-efficiency when giving to charitable causes and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. Based on your individual needs and preference, we also provide advice on suitable charitable vehicles that would appeal to you, and if required we can also further assist to facilitate lifetime and charitable giving.

    If you are looking to establish and register grant-making foundations and operating charities in the form of charitable trusts, societies and companies limited by guarantee in Singapore, we can guide you through the process including assisting you to register your charity under the local charities regime and other charity schemes.

  7. Dispute Resolution- Whenever a dispute arises, whether it relates to a trust, estate or will issue or a broader commercial disagreement, we recognise that going to court is not always the answer. Our industry leading dispute lawyers, including a market-leading 7 senior counsels will be here to give you clear and dispassionate advice on your options. 

  8. Related Immigration and Real Estate Matters – If you or any of your family members are looking to apply for Singapore citizenship or permanent residency status such as through the Global Investor Programme, we are able to provide sound advice on the various schemes available in Singapore.